Partnership in Music

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Jerzy Marchwiński
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Professor Jerzy Marchwiński developed the concept of partnership discussed at length in his essay "Partnership in Music" in the course of his long artistic and teaching career, yet his idea goes beyond the realm of music. The author postulates the equality of the chamber and solo pianists` status, emphasizing the need for the partnership of performers of various music works, such as Brahms songs or Beethoven`s sonatas for piano and violin. His concept may be an inspiration for educators, music promoters, artist and - last but not least - the audience. The essay is also a moving praise of equal relations in personal and social life."I have explained my views on partnership on stage, in studios and in TV broadcasts. I now explain it to my students. I thought I should leave a written account of my views. Perhaps it will last longer than my concerts and lectures? Besides, in my searches in libraries and browsing on the Internet I have not come across almost any valuable publications about partnership between people, just a business sense only. I am somewhat surprised, because I perceive a successful partnership to be extremely important. It is the prime component in successful co-existence and, in the case of musicians (of whom only a few function as individual artists), partnership is a leading value in professional life and self-fulfilment. Yet little has been said about this partnership!"

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